Types of Performing Arts by Popularity in the UK

Performing arts are extremely popular in many countries, but in the UK, it is seen as a major part of the economy and the arts. With theatres, live music events, dance performances, and more, there are many different locations to see a performance to each person’s liking.

The popularity of the 3 main types of performing arts is explained on this list by popularity.


Theatre is particularly popular in London due to its pricing, the number of plays, and convenience. It is not easy or cheap to watch live theatre performances and a theatre in a large American city such as New York. Getting tickets to a theatre performance alone is seen as a great inconvenience as it is not easily obtainable.

With an attendance of around 18 million people at theatres in 2018 and 15 million in 2019, the industry saw a slight decrease but has promised to regain its flow as lockdown restrictions saw a slight decrease in numbers. The price difference is quite astonishing, with an example being the Matilda theatre piece costing around $60 in London and a whopping $137 in New York.


Looking back into the performing arts events before the pandemic in 2019, the industry saw a mesmerizing 33 million people attend live music events in the UK alone, just over 30 million in 2018 and 29 million in 2017. The year before the pandemic showed the highest number yet proves that live music will never lose its popularity in the UK and will always stay relevant in the performing arts.


Dance performances are not only popular in the UK but are seen as the fastest-growing art form in the world, with over 13% of the population attending dance performances at theatres and other locations. In UK homes, television shows such as Strictly Come Dancing have recorded having over 10 million viewers.

With these popular performing arts proving to be staying relevant in the UK, there are many events to attend and enjoy throughout the larger cities such as London. With more than 80 of the UK’s 300 performing arts theatres being in London, it’s the most popular destination for critically acclaimed performances.