Most Prestigious Acting Schools in the UK

With the love and passion of the theatre and performing arts in the UK, many acting schools are bringing their part in creating the next generation of actors to brace the stage and screen with their talents.

These are some of the most prestigious acting schools in the UK.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Located in London and providing a course length of 3 years, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art is a dream destination for anybody wanting to study acting in film, theatre plays, or musical theatre. It’s seen as the leading drama school in the UK as well as the oldest. Its reputation lies deep in its staff’s reputable knowledge and experience in performing arts. It’s also known as being the most resourceful with the best facilities due to its funding.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School has been responsible for some of the biggest names in British acting, including Daniel Day-Lewis, Olivia Colman, and Patrick Stewart. It is situated just outside of the Hub of London, providing those attending the college to have an experience of learning and acting outside of the busyness of the city.

Oxford School of Drama

The Oxford School of Drama is a much smaller acting school than most on this list but provides a substantial amount of knowledge and experience to those who attend their courses. This is the school where aspiring actors will get a more personal experience in training. Thrive through nurtured acting techniques at Oxford School from teachers who have taught Claire Foy and Lee Boardman.

London Academy of Performing Arts

The London Academy of Performing Arts is not only the most popular but also the most famous academy for attending acting courses in the UK. Not only is it considered one of the UK’s best but also one of the best international acting schools. They focus on everything from voice, movement, and acting. Competing with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, it proves to be one of the most prestigious in the UK.

For anybody thinking of getting into acting with a dedicated passion and focus, these schools should be at the top of their lists to achieve greatness and to be taught by some of the best in the industry.