Performing arts have various categories to follow and could attract people with different interests. This list of blogs provides a way for fans of various performing arts to stay up to date on the latest news and advice and is catered to the UK market of dancing, singing, acting, and theatre.

British Theatre –

British Theatre Blog is dedicated to fans of performing arts in the UK. Based in London, this is the best place to learn more about how the performing arts industry is performing and where to catch the next best theatre piece. Find reviews and more from a blog that is dedicated to keeping the public and industry informed by promoting all aspects of British theatre.

Acting Coach Scotland / The Acting Blog –

The Acting Blog is based in Glasgow and was established in 2008 to help actors and those who want to gain knowledge on acting skills and experience to build knowledge. Whether wanting to go on stage or onto the silver screen, the acting coach Scotland provides helpful acting-related articles that can boost confidence and inspire you to become better.

The Wonderful World Of Dance –

The Wonderful World of Dance is a popular magazine that is read by people from all over the globe. The magazine covers all types of dancing, including contemporary dance, ballet, flamenco, and even fashion, beauty, and reviews of dancing performances. Find features on dancers, artistic directors, and ballet dancers in the UK.

The Voice College Blog –

The Voice College Blog was established in 2009 and provided a complete informative guide on singing. They strive to assist anybody wanting to learn how to sing about the basics as well as more advanced techniques while also providing personal vocal training for singers as well as other vocal coaches.

The blogs on this list help all fans of performing arts to stay up to date on the latest news, advice, and reviews.