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Looking for Dance Classes? Fitness Classes? Street Dance? Acting and Drama workshops, for you or your children? Then Bird Studios Brighton, are perfect for you! Here at Bird Studios we offer a huge variety of dance classes and activities for you to choose from. Currently we have everything from fitness classes, Kickboxing and Kung Fu, right through to various different styles of dance classes and workshops. We have ballet and street dance classes for children and acting and dance lessons for adults. All our classes are taught by trained and credible working professionals, who are enthusiastic to spread their talents. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we probably already do it! For details on any of our fitness, acting, dance classes or other workshops, check out our timetable above. If you want to hire one of our dance studios, to teach your own classes – get in touch!

Saturdays, 09.45

Little Stage Academy (4-6 yrs) 09:45-11:15

The Little Stage Academy is for kids aged 4 - 6 and teaches the Holy Trinity of Musical Theatre, Dance, Music & Drama. Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes and is taught by trained and working professionals. The Ethos with LSA is getting the most out of natural talent and introducing the children to new concepts and new ideas which they may want to develop as their life goes on. What our students learn with us also benefits their everyday lives. Through dance, physical co-ordination and fitness are improved. Through drama, fluency of speech is improved. Through singing, an appreciation of a variety of musical styles is achieved. Through working together, important social skills are developed. Through group appraisals, students learn to give and take constructive criticism With the encouragement to work in front of an audience, confidence grows. We believe that all of this is invaluable to any youngster's development. To book your free trial please email or call Stuart on 07979291147

Bird Studios Stage Academy Team

The Bird Studios Stage Academy team consist of Nathan Potter - Dance, Emma Edwards - Music, and Connor Baum - Drama. 

Between them they have over 20 West End and Touring Credits and are responsible for the magic happening every weekend at BSSA! Come and experience the fun and focused learning that takes place here at Bird Studios. 



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