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Looking for Dance Classes? Fitness Classes? Street Dance? Acting and Drama workshops, for you or your children? Then Bird Studios Brighton, are perfect for you! Here at Bird Studios we offer a huge variety of dance classes and activities for you to choose from. Currently we have everything from fitness classes, Kickboxing and Kung Fu, right through to various different styles of dance classes and workshops. We have ballet and street dance classes for children and acting and dance lessons for adults. All our classes are taught by trained and credible working professionals, who are enthusiastic to spread their talents. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we probably already do it! For details on any of our fitness, acting, dance classes or other workshops, check out our timetable above. If you want to hire one of our dance studios, to teach your own classes – get in touch!

Tuesdays, 18.30

Tuesday Ballet with Clair Thomas

This class has now finished for the summer break and back in September. This Class is pitched at those of you with some previous experience who love Ballet and have managed to find time in your busy schedule to come and take a class. A treat to yourself! Ballet Class is still the best work around, stretching, strengthening and toning your muscles, while focusing the mind and encouraging expression through movement to music. Tuesday's from 6.30 till 8.00 pm For more information contact Drew at; drewwood@brictt,, or call 01273 603333



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