The Class

Dirty Ballroom - All Levels

Tuesdays 8:30pm - 9:30pm... Ever wanted to move your partner in a way that makes you both swoon? Want to re-install passion and fire in your life? Dirty Ballroom does what it says its going to do. No pretty foxtrots here. Barry Randall and his partner will show you what it takes to seduce with the Salsa, to tease with the Tango and send pules racing with the Rhumba. Bring a partner, don't bring a partner, everyone is very friendly and all levels of dance are welcome... First time is £3 and only £6.50 after that.

The Tutor

Barry Randall

Barry "Ballroom" Randall has been dancing since he could walk and for the majority of that time he has been honing his Salsa and Ballroom skills. 

He is an excellent instructor who will provide even the most incompetent of dancers with the basic building blocks in which to conquer your dancing Everest. 

His classes on Tuesdays are invigorating and exciting. They challenge you, but are simple to understand and follow. If you are a dancing novice, these are the classes for you. If you are a dancing queen, then these are the classes for you. 

If you fancy making a change in your life, or improving your already existing skills, Barry is the man to help you make that change.