The Class

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is an athletic approach to traditional pole dancing. Throughout our classes, we will guide you through basic spins, transitions and tricks that will build your strength and increase your flexibility. Anybody over 18 is welcome (there will never be an upper age limit!) and of course we welcome people of all genders and identities. These classes are suitable for students who can invert without spotting, as we will work on tricks which require a higher degree of strength, flexibility and body awareness. In this mixed group of intermediate and advanced students, we ensure that there is something to work on for everyone. For prices and more information please contact Luke at:

The Tutor

Gemini Pole Studio

Gemini Pole Studio is owned and run by Luke Wassell. Luke has been doing pole for over 5 years now after starting his pole journey at the Sussex University Pole Society after wanting to try something new. He was instantly hooked, and hasn't looked back since. Teaching others the joy of pole fitness as a fun alternative way to keep fit is Luke's passion, and he has been a teacher now for over 4 years, starting at Gemini two years ago. He revels and finds pride in seeing his students achieve things they never thought they could. 

As well as his teaching experience, Luke has a wealth of competition experience including:

IUPDC Advanced Category Winner 2016

Kent Pole Championships Winner 2016

Mr Pole Fitness UK Semi-Pro 2nd Place 2016

Solent Pole Championships Winner 2016

Bristol Pole Championships Professional 3rd Place 2017

Luke is also a Spin City Certified Beginners and Intermediates Pole Instructor, and along with his team of instructors Molly and Nora, he is dedicated to making sure each of Gemini Pole Studios' students receive the very best in safe and enjoyable pole fitness teaching."