The Class

Tai Ji

Come along to Taiji Tuesday! The gentle flowing meditative movement of Tai Ji has long been attributed to provide many health benefits. Beginners welcome in this informative and friendly class where you can learn: *: Easy exercises to stretch and loosen up every day *: Connect mind with body to relax and concentrate *: Principles and exercise to improve posture & balance *: Tai Ji flowing movement to relax and energise *: Exercise to help you start a positive day Starting from the 16th April class, we will gradually progress from basic stretches, gentle Taiji form over a ten session period, although drop-in students are always very welcome. With further progression later once the shape of the form has been achieved. Duration: One hour 8-9pm Tuesdays Price: £10 per class £8 concessions or £85 for 10 sessions. Please wear loose fitting clothes. Always check with a qualified medical practitioner that you are okay to participate in gentle exercise especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. I look forward to see you on the 16th April!

The Tutor