The Class

Floor-Barre: Condition & Tone (Mat-work)

Floor-Barre: Condition & Tone (Mat-work) Monday, 20:00-20:45 - starts 4th September (12 spaces) Combines techniques from Pilates & Yoga with ballet-fitness movements adapted for matwork, resulting in a conditioning class for the core, upper body, legs and buttocks, plus specific stretches and mobility work. Set to music, this class follows the Barre Concept© formula and involves isometric contractions to effect change in strength or stamina. Ideal when combined with Barre or Pilates. Mat work utilising small props (bands, balls etc). Level: Moderate to hard (1-2-1 or beginners level course recommended but not essential). Introductory 3 class package only £30 (valid for 30 days from first use) - new members only. A single Barre/ Floor-Barre or Pilates class costs £14. As the classes are technique-based, people are encouraged to attend regularly. Places are limited so prior booking via Mind Body is recommended. Class packages can be purchased online as follows: £55 for ANY Barre/Barre-Floor/ Pilates classes (valid for 60 days) and £95 for 10 classes (valid for 60 days). Full schedule information is available on the website:

The Tutor

Amanda Burton

Since January 2010, Amanda has helped people of all ages to overcome or improve back and other musculoskeletal disorders, ranging from Sciatica and myofascial pain, to shoulder complaints and chronic conditions. Within her Pilates and Barre infused classes at Bird, her clients enjoy a great workout, with safe, effective movements and easy to follow instructions that they can incorporate into a daily routine. Both the Pilates and Barre routines are challenging yet fun and functional. Whether it is restored function or improved performance you are after, as long as you are prepared to apply regular effort to your routine, these classes will help you achieve great results.