BSSA is a home to creativity captivation and technical training in the 'Holy Trinity' of performing arts disciplines: drama, dance and music. 

We open our doors to our high-specstudios each Saturday from 9:45 to 5:30pm where our fantastic faculty of professional trained and current industry professionals take 4 to 16 years olds through a set of skill-based sessions that are less focused on product and more focused on individual progress and communal teamwork. 

We are passionate about building the student as a whole, not just in skills and talent but in developing they knowledge and self awareness to have a positive and productive work ethic and attitude to both the sessions and those who they work with. 

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More Classes! More Spaces!

Due to overwhelming demand, we have recently changed how we run our classes to 2 age groups, classes which will be running from 10.30 am to 1.30 & 1.45 to 4.45 pm.

This means a better student to teacher ratio allowing for better pastoral care and individual development, and it also means that there are more spaces to book a FREE TRIAL!

Contact us at bricttacademy@brictt.co.uk or on 01273 603333 to book your free trail today!

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Suessical Jr.

At the end of our 2016 Christmas Term students from Bird Studios Stage Academy and the Little Stage Academy showcased Suessical Jr. at Brighton and Hove High School .

This year’s performance featured a wide selection of talent, including dancers, music, singing and performances from those who take classes at Bird Studios.

For highlights from Birds Studios Stage Academy’s performance of Suessical Jr. click on the following link: BBSA Highlight Reel